Why Parents Choose Knole Academy

Knole Academy is a co-educational day school located in Sevenoaks, Kent providing an excellent education to a broad range of students. From secondary education to sixth form, the academy provides an array of standard GCSE and A-level subjects as well as an accelerated grammar stream and vocational education subjects.

By offering such a diversity of courses, Knole Academy provides opportunities for all students to find their niche and excel in their chosen field. In conjunction with the core education syllabus, we offer a range of cultural trips and sporting activities to challenge our students and broaden their way of thinking. 

Recommendations From Parents

Parents who have chosen Knole Academy gave a wide range of reasons for doing so, including:

"It is a very good school."

We were very impressed with Knole Academy and I believe it has a lot to offer and my daughter will do exceptionally well there.”

Very keen on the fact that this is a mainstream school with a grammar stream. Provides all the advantages of a grammar and non-grammar school in one.”

Knole Academy excelled itself in the range of opportunities presented to our child. Specifically, the focus on sports and academia, we felt this was very well balanced.”

As my child has passed the Kent 11 plus test with a score of 413, I believe the Knole Academy Grammar Stream would be suitable for him.”

We would like our son to continue to go to a mixed school. Having visited Knole academy for their open evening we were impressed with what they had to say and offer.”

My daughter is very creative and your school offers her the potential to choose a wide variety of vocational subjects.”

Passed Kent Test and seeking a place in the (Knole Academy) Grammar Stream.”

My child would be a great asset to the school and is interested in going into the grammar stream with his 11+ results at 362.”

Older sister who has now left the school attended and did very well.”

My son had a taster day at this school and really enjoyed his time there. He asked for it to be his first choice straight away which I am very happy about as it is a lovely school.”

We are looking for a secondary school whose ethos complements the needs and personality of our child and we believe we have found this at Knole Academy.  We are particularly struck by the passion of the teachers spoken to and the pride shown bv the pupils for their school.  We are impressed by the ethos of concern for each child as a whole and not just from an academic point of view, together with the variety of choice for extra-curricular activities.  We feel that Knole Academy would provide the ideal environment for our child, enabling him to further develop the confidence and creativity he has begun to find in himself and to flourish into secondary education."

My son was assessed as suitable for grammar school entrance, and he very much liked the school when we visited, as did both his mother and I. "

Great philosophy of encouraging children to take calculated risks and not being afraid to fail in the pursuit of learning."

My daughter scored 380 in the Kent test and would gain a place in the Grammar Stream."

After viewing a number of schools over the last few weeks, this is the school that my son fell in love with and so he desires to become a pupil at this school."

Believe it is the right school for my son as he would benefit from the grammar streaming and all the excellent facilities and opportunities this school offers."

We were very impressed by all that Knole has to offer to our daughter for her secondary education. It is also our local school."

Knole Academy really stood out from the rest of the schools, one thing that was important to my son was the fact that you could view during the day, when it's fully functioning.  This is something that some of the other academies do not offer and is a major deciding factor for us. "

My son really enjoys Rugby and this school offers a wealth of sporting opportunities for him to develop. He also wants the chance to study Construction and Engineering."

My daughter was successful in the expressive arts test and ranked high enough to be offered a place."

After attending the Open day at Knole Academy my son was really impressed with the attitude of students and the setup of the school especially the Music facilities."

This is the perfect school for our son as it is a forward thinking school which caters for all the children’s needs. I really was impressed by staff and pupils alike when we visited."

The ethos of Knole Academy really impressed me and I feel that my son would benefit from this. He has a wide variety of interests from history to science and from literature to sport. Given the structure at Knole this will not only enhance his appetite for knowledge but will nurture him to achieve the best possible grades."

We have visited this school with our son and we are all very impressed with the education and facilities offered. Due to successful 11 plus result we feel our son would fit comfortably in the grammar stream of this school."

I just wanted to drop you a line on behalf of my wife and myself to thank you and the staff at the Knole Academy for a fantastic first term for our son.

He was nervous about stepping up to big school, moving from a small village school, to getting the bus and the intensity of being in the Grammar stream.

Recently he said that he had no reason to be nervous as school was brilliant!

He is enjoying the lessons and being stretched intellectually, he is particularly enjoying the sports and plays for the football A team and recently represented the school in the Knole Park cross country, finishing an impressive 46th out of 300.

The school is getting the best out of our son and we can already see the change in him - for the better, he was always a lovely boy (we would say that!), and he is still coming along nicely, we can see the influence of The Knole adding to the values instilled in him by his Primary school and by us too.

So thank you to you and the staff for looking after our son so far, you will have the pleasure of our daughter next year too, she was successful in her expressive arts audition and is very excited about joining."


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