Knole Passport

Knole Passport is a fantastic and exciting way for students in Key Stage 3 to develop the all-important life skills that will help them become well rounded members of the wider community.

How does it work?

The objective is for students to complete one passport per academic year starting with the Bronze in Year 7, Silver in Year 8 and finally flourishing with the Gold in Year 9.  (Students can start the Silver and Gold passports before entering Year 8 and Year 9).

To complete each passport, students must successfully complete specifically chosen tasks from a variety of different areas.

Upon completion students move onto the next more challenging passport.  The programme is an excellent pathway for students to move onto the globally recognised Duke of Edinburgh Award in Key Stage 4.

Are students rewarded?

The main reward for taking part in the Knole Passport is the intrinsic value it brings. The feeling of pride and satisfaction, among many others, for taking on a challenge and being successful.

We also offer students 5 house points for each task they achieve, and 20 house points once the passport has been completed.

Is it competitive?

Yes, during each Key Stage 3 reward assembly the form group with the highest number of completed tasks will be awarded with the KP trophy.  We will also reward the individual with the highest number of tasks completed.

What do the students and parents think?

It’s a great way to try new skills and take on challenges." (Year 7 student)

I love the competitive element to the KP programme." (Year 9 student)

My child absolutely loves the KP, it gives them something to target outside their academic studies."  (Parent of a Year 7 student)

Please contact Mr Major if you have any questions

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