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Posted on 30 Jun

Flag workshops

Year 9 Art and Design, Graphic Communication and Textile Design students have been working alongside visiting artist Clare Summons and Same Sky in three days of exciting brief led workshops developing designs for Knole Academy’s new flags.

The workshops have been an excellent opportunity for the students to build their skills and they have really enjoyed the challenge of working on a live brief. Here are what some of the students thought of the experience.

“The workshop was a great experience! I loved learning new techniques and using different media” H Crissell (GCSE Art and Design)

“Today we looked at different artists and experimented with different media such as; paint, ink and graphite. Our overall aim was to come up with designs for the new school flags. I enjoyed today because it was different and exciting. This mini project also helped to build new skills for GCSE.” M French (GCSE Graphic Communication and Textile Design)

“Today we tried lots of different techniques and styles and made our own responses towards the new Knole Academy flags. It was really good because we could be as creative as we liked and can now use these methods in the future.” B French (GCSE Graphic Communication)

“I have enjoyed myself very much in the flag workshop, and I have learnt a lot of new techniques that will be useful for my GCSE in Graphics.” C Oakley (GCSE Graphic Communication)

“The flag design workshop was very fun and experimental. I loved being able to be so creative and learn new techniques.” T Van Vuuren (GCSE Art and Design)

“The flag designing workshop was really fun and I learnt lots of new techniques that will help me in GCSE Textiles.” P Sherrell (GCSE Textile Design)

Miss T Sarton
Subject Leader Art

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