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Posted on 10 Jul

Year 8 Focus and Team-building Day - SEER Project

As part of Knole Academy's commitment to supporting young people to engage with their school career, some young people take part in what is known as the SEER Project. This project is tailored to the individual needs of the young people, with the aim of promoting resilience, confidence, self-esteem and task focus.

Part of this eight week programme, which has included sessions on communication challenges, teamwork, focus on the self and debates and discussions, is a day of outdoor education where project participants undertake challenges which promote the aims of the project. Activities included an obstacle course, crate stacking, high rope challenges and a zip line. Many had to face some fears, including heights, and each young person performed well undertaking each of the challenges and worked together to overcome them.

The SEER project finishes next week with a final session on future focus and setting personal targets for the next few months.

Well done to all the young people who have come on a bit of a journey and did really well last week.

Mr Shane Mochrie-Cox
Senior Youth Worker

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