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Posted on 18 Aug

GCE Results 2017

The staff at Knole Academy are thrilled with the success of our students once again. A' level results for 2017 cohort saw 53% of our learners attaining A*–B grades, 80% attaining A*–C grades and 98% attaining A*–E grades. All of our students that applied to university have secured places and we wish them well in the future. The majority of the students starting work are being sponsored by their company to continue their academic journey whist in employment. This is an increasing trend and one which we are happy to support.

Some outstanding individual performances include:

Jack – Business A*, Finance A, Geography B, Travel & Tourism B

Lucy – Geography A, Travel & Tourism A, Sociology B

Callum – Sport & Exercise Science Dist* Dist*, Business A

Eden – Geography A, Sport & Exercise Science Dist* Dist*

Ellie – Geography B, Travel & Tourism B, ICT Dist*, Health & Social Care Dist*

Craig – ICT Dist*, Sociology B, Media Studies B, Geography B

Georgia – Business A*, Finance A, Psychology B

Alfie – Psychology A, Travel & Tourism B, Sociology B (AS level C Geography)

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