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Posted on 6 Oct

Good Attendance Trip 2017

On 29 September, 145 students were treated to a day out at Thorpe Park as reward for their good attendance last year.  Any student who achieved 99 - 100% attendance for the whole year was invited.  Some Year 11 students were actually on the trip for the fourth year in a row; an amazing record.

Chloe U in Year 11 said she was very proud of her attendance and really looked forward to the Thorpe Park trip.  Lucy T in Year 9 really enjoyed the rides and said "Nemesis, Saw and Swarm were my favourites. I had a brilliant day out with my friends and KFC was great too."  Tom Smith in Year 11 enjoyed Stealth.  He said ''it went so fast at the beginning that you didn’t even have time to be scared. We did scream a lot though.''

Knole Academy encourages every student to achieve the best attendance possible each year. The Government's minimum target is 95%, but even this means 2 weeks missed from school.  Good attendance usually equates to good examination results.

Well done to all students who achieved 99%+.  If you didn’t make it to Thorpe Park this year there is always next year!

Mr Massey
Assistant Principal

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