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Posted on 18 Oct

Year 8 Trip to Howletts

This October our Year 8 students had the opportunity to visit Howletts Wild Animal Park where they were given the chance to see a variety of animals and draw them as part of our Animals project.  

For some of our students this was the first time they had seen these animals in real life, and it will be an experience that stays with them.

They also visited the education centre where the students were given a presentation by a member of the Howletts team. Every group came away with a good understanding of the importance of conservation and, having seen the animals, many were very keen to see what could be done to help protect their environments.

Here are some of their comments:

“Our trip to Howletts was great. We saw lots of animals and my favourite was the wolves. I also didn’t expect to see so many big animals like elephants and gorillas.”

“We looked at lots of animal and drew pictures of the ones we liked. I did some good drawing, but it’s quite hard drawing them while they are moving.”

“During our visit one of the staff told us about what they do to help protect animals in the wild as well as at Howletts. I really enjoyed the lemur trail.”

“We had a great time at Howletts and it was a great experience. I really want to go again”

Miss Sarton
Subject Leader - Art and Design Technology

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