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Posted on 20 Oct

Harvest Festival 2017 Competition Results

Many thanks to all the students who brought in amazing produce for harvest week. This year our charity is the Loaves and Fishes food bank from St John’s the Baptist church in Sevenoaks. We were so lucky this year to have Reverend Booth from St Mary’s in Riverhead, Danny a young minister and Reverend Anne Le Bas from Seal church. The theme of harvest was so well illustrated with inspiring assemblies that all the students enjoyed.

Now for the results of the competition:

All the winning forms and special commendations have won 100 points and the overall winner has won 200 points. The judges were made up of members of the senior and extended management teams. Mrs Mountford, Mr Collins, Mr Turner and Mr Major.

Year 7 did us proud this year with an amazing collection of creative boxes, but the prize has to go to only one. 7KN has the points for creativity, what an amazing “pony and carriage”! And 7LM got a special recommendation prize for a beautiful “piñata” filled with a great deal of produce! 7MR also have a special recommendation for the “gnomes by the wishing well”.  Lovely box!

8PW also presented us with a “windmill” which was given a special recommendation prize for functionality and the box judged to be the most creative was 8TN with an “Andy Warhol”  take on the McDonald’s fries packaging. Another special recommendation was given for the “spider” from 8NH filled with goodies.

Year 9 had many fabulous entries, but the prize for the most creative box went to 9KK for a scary looking wicker scarecrow that had been built from scratch and 9DM got the points for the most produce. I have never seen so many contributions including a special compartment for sweets.

10LR got the points for creativity for “UP house” balloons included!

11CB received a special recommendation for the  Fish box (Finding Miss Nimmo) which proudly displayed a photo of Fire’s glorious leader!

The overall winner is 7KN for the “horse and carriage”, so lifelike you could hear the hooves against the laminate flooring! Now if we add up all the points we have:

Yr 7 - EARTH 100 points WATER 100 points  FIRE 100 points

Yr 8 - WATER 100 points AIR 100 points FIRE 100 points

Yr 9 - AIR 100 points and FIRE 100 points

Yr 10 - AIR 100 points

Yr11 - FIRE 100 points

And the OVERALL WINNER EARTH with 200 points

This brings us to what you have all been waiting for…(drum roll)… we have: FIRE are the winners with 400 points, EARTH and AIR with 300 points. First time ever! Lastly Water scored 200 points.  And as the spirit of Harvest is all about sharing, a most appropriate conclusion.

Congratulations to everybody involved. Many thanks to Mr Foster for taking wonderful photos of the boxes with the Reverend Le Bas and a big thank you to Mr Kyle for taking a picture of the Reverend Booth with students and boxes. I also want to warmly thank all the caretakers for taking  the produce to the food bank during half term and Miss Hollidge for putting up with all this disruption in her teaching environment that is the auditorium.

Long live the Harvest Festival!

Ms K Hughes

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