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Posted on 11 Dec

Trip to the Warner Brothers Studios

This December our year 9 and post 16 Fine Art, Graphic Communication and Textile Design Students had the opportunity to go on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

The tour gives a unique insight into how art and design is used in the film industry. It enabled the students to see how the skills they are learning in their options subjects are used in creative industries, and how they could continue into a career in prop making, set design, advertising or costume design.

It was an exciting day and the students had an unforgettable experience. Here are some of their thoughts:

“On Friday 8 December all of the art subject students were given the chance to go on the trip of a lifetime to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. The trip was a great experience and we all had a great time (even the teachers!) There were so many different sections to go through, each with different and interesting parts of the films. I think the main part everyone will remember was the large Hogwarts at the end! All in all it was a great trip and day out, and I definitely look forward to the work we will be creating about this after!” – James B, Year 9 Graphic Communication

“On Friday I got the opportunity to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour with the art department. It was great to see how all of the costumes, props and CGI is used in the industry.” – Jessie, Year 9 Textile Design

“The Warner Brothers Studios was a life time experience. We saw all the real sets and props used for the movies which was really exciting. I gathered lots of ideas to use in the project we are currently doing about Harry Potter. I would certainly recommend going, it is aimed at all ages. It was a magical place.” – Chloe, Year 9 Graphic Communication

“I loved the Harry Potter trip, it really brought my childhood to life seeing all the sets was honestly breath taking.” Lola, Year 9 Graphic Communication

“When I went to the Harry Potter trip at the Warner Bros Studios I had an amazing time looking around and seeing how all the sets were made. There were green screens, moving objects from thee sets and they had a wonderful version of Hogwarts, handmade but smaller. They also had loads of things such as Clothes, toys and much more. I had a great time and suggest that you should go when you have the chance.” - James G, Year 9 Graphic Communication.

Miss Sarton
Subject Leader Art


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