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Posted on 8 May

Science Week and the Bee Project

During National Science week, Knole Academy ran a series of workshops, during their science lessons, on worldwide issues such as global warming, recycling, maintaining biodiversity and the future world food crisis. This involved the students learning about entomology and trying food made from insects such as mealworms and crickets. They also used their creativity to make bug hotels and butterfly gardens, to encourage biodiversity around the academy.

The lessons promoted students to take individual responsibility for the planet, encouraging recycling at home, better use of resources and to not waste food. The week’s events culminated in the students taking part in a competition called the “Bee project”. Students were asked to make a project on the importance of bees, looking at their lifecycle and the role they play in the web of life. They were then asked to investigate why the numbers of bees are declining and what we can do to help their survival.

Over 100 students took part in the competition, producing an array of projects from models, posters and powerpoints to books, leaflets and illustrations. The head teacher, Mrs Boyle, was asked to judge the competition and found it very difficult to choose just 3 winners form each year group. The students produced amazing work and the winner’s projects were outstanding in creativity, information and effort.

The academy continues to promote a greener school environment, introducing this term, washable and recyclable plates, bowls and cutlery in the food hall.  The school has more plans to continue its journey of using sustainable products and biodegradable plastics into the future, with the support and understanding of the whole school community.

K Nixon
Teacher of Science


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