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Posted on 1 Feb

Textile Artist Rosie James Visits Y10 Students

Textile artist Rosie James visited Knole Academy and ran a GCSE workshop with the Y10 textiles group.  It was an exciting opportunity for all the students to learn some new techniques and to find out a bit more about what a textile artist does! The workshop was incredibly beneficial to all students, not only will they be able to use the work they produced, but the experience of working with Rosie James has been useful for their GCSE Component 1. All of the students have built and developed transferable skills that they will continue to use throughout the remainder of their GCSE course.

"When I found out about the textiles workshop I was really excited because an artist called Rosie James came to run it which was a great opportunity. Rosie came in and showed us her work first of all, which was really interesting! We had to try lots of different things; from doodling using the sewing machine to working with bondaweb and figures. I found the whole day really enjoyable and the skills and techniques we learnt are really useful, I will use them in my project."

"In the Rosie James workshop I learnt how to sew figures more accurately using different techniques on the sewing machine, I also learnt how to add blocks of colour and texture to my work using fabric samples and bondaweb. Working with a textile artist was very inspirational and I enjoyed seeing her work."

The textiles workshop with Rosie James has helped me feel more confident using machine embroidery, I really enjoyed working in the style of Rosie James and have learnt lots of techniques I will use again in my own projects.


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