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Ellie and Chloe’s News Report

We chose to explore the reasons why there are so few boys doing Dance.  We are both keen dancers and there are no boys at all in any of our dance classes.  This made us question why this would be.  We hope you find it interesting.

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Jack Smith’s News Report

This report is about bubble wrap in exam rooms. During my research, I came upon this story on the internet and used a BBC link to Leicester University who were questioning whether bubble wrap could be used to help relieve stress, or if students would find it off-putting.

I interviewed both the Exams Manager and students at Knole Academy. If you would like to hear more on this story listen to the audio report below.

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Jordon’s BBC School Report

I chose the topic ‘phones and cyberbullying’.  Phones are banned at Knole Academy and I wanted to understand why.  I hoped it would also be quite interesting, both for me and the reader.  It could also help people who are involved with cyberbullying.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Sophie and Harriett’s BBC News Report

We are discussing whether or not young people should be allowed to vote in elections and if the voting age should be lowered. With the general election coming up in May, we believed it was relevant to ask young people their opinion on whether or not they would vote, if they could. We also asked the local MP for Sevenoaks, Michael Fallon, to get his opinion on the matter.

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Ben and Harrison's News Report

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