Head Boy / Head Girl

    Amy Wood and Oliver Howe

    HEAD BOY - Oliver Howe

    My name is Oliver Howe and I consider myself privileged to be elected Head Boy at Knole Academy.  I am currently studying A' Levels in Drama, Music and Film Studies.  I have enjoyed six years at Knole, but am now very excited by the prospect of a life beyond school.  I am currently investigating university options in order to pursue my passions further and am in the process of applying to study Design for Art Direction at the University of Arts, London and Theatre and Film Studies at the Manchester School of Art.  I just have to pass the interviews and attain the grades needed!

    At Knole, I have always been encouraged to fully explore my creative passions with the help of incredible teachers who have supported me since I first started in Year 7.  In Music, I have performed at countless summer and Christmas concerts and have supplemented this by playing in gigs outside of school with my band.  My progress in guitar, piano, bass and sight reading has been incredible.  In Media, my teachers have allowed me to hone my craft in filmmaking and study the media industry in general.  I have enjoyed exploring my creativity within the art form, for example making a collection of short films.  In Drama, I have been involved in school productions, ranging from A Midsummer Night's Dream to Bugsy Malone.  I was actually asked to be the Assistant Director for The Tempest, which was an incredible experience.  In the last year, the Sixth Form drama class has started a new theatre company, of which I am the Director.  We work constantly to try and explore new plays and even devise some ourselves.  Our most recent production is a play about Multiple Personality Disorder, which we have written over the last term and hope to show to the public this year, at Christmas.

    I believe that if you want something badly enough and you are willing to put in your best efforts, then you can be whatever you want to be.  Knole will try it's very best to help you to acquire the skills necessary to make your journey as smooth and worthwhile as possible.



    My name is Amy Wooding and I am delighted to have been chosen as Head Girl of Knole Academy.  At present I am studying Sociology, Criminology and Film Studies and am currently investigating unversities to study either forensics or criminology.  I am considering taking a gap year to undertake voluntary work in a developing country, as I hope that this would help me gain an insight into life in a different culture and the struggles some people face on a daily basis.

    I began my secondary education journey at Knole Academy in Year 7 and it has proved to be a wonderful decision.  Initially, I was a little apprehensive about starting a new school; I was worried about meeting new people and the school seemed vast compared to my primary school.  However, as soon as I started I became involved with various clubs and this helped me to make new friends quickly.  I haven't looked back since.  Within days I felt completely at home. 

    I progressed through the key stages and attained good GCSE results, which gave me the opportunity to progress into the sixth form.  I have found that the best decisions are informed ones so I did look around at other post 16 providers.  I went to some open evenings and taster days, but those experiences only cemented in my mind that Knole was where I wanted to be.  The support and facilities we have here are second to none.  I have really enjoyed my A' Level subjects and have become a more independent learner.  We are treated like adults and have assumed greater ownership of our futures.  The work is undoubtedly difficult, but the teachers are supportive and help us to reach our target grades; Mr Turner and his team of tutors look closely at our progress data and intervene, where appropriate.  My teachers are honestly only an email away.

    The first stage of the process to becoming Head Girl was being nominated by the teachers and leadership team at Knole.  Three boys and three girls were short-listed for head student.  The second stage was to undertake an interview with the Principal and Mr Turner, discussing what we would want to achieve as head students.  Later on that same day, we were asked to make a formal three minute presentation on a topic of our choice.  I decided on the title of "What's the importance of interests?" - this encompassed how the extra-curricular activities I had participated in over the my time at Knole had helped me develop different skills.  I was selected as Head Girl; my friends and family were extremely proud.

    Knole has been a huge part of my development as an individual, always pushing me to work hard and be the best that I can be, both as a person and as an academic.  The extra-curricular opportunities that we have cannot be understimated in this process.  I have loved being part of the dance, music and drama productions.  These clubs have enabled me to develop a wide range of friendship groups and transferrable skills.  The opportunity to take part in clubs and travel in and around Europe on various subject trips are available to everyone.  I strongly advise that you make full use of this. 

    I cannot thank Knole Academy enough for everything the school has done for me and I'm sure if you decide to join the team, like me, you will have an amazing learning experience.

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