Head Boy / Head Girl

    Head boy and girl September 2017


    My name is James Davis and I am proud to be Head Boy at Knole Academy. I am currently studying A’ levels in Product Design 3D, Physical Education and Information Technology.

    Presently I am applying, via UCAS, to study Business and Financial Consultancy at university, although I am looking at sponsored employment also.  After all, it is much cheaper if the company I work for sponsors me through university (about £60,000 cheaper actually!)

    I travel one and a half hours every day just to study at Knole Academy, as I live in Bearsted, but although there are much closer sixth forms and colleges, I wouldn’t be anywhere else.  At the start of Year 12, I did try another school briefly, but after only 4 days I realised that the quality of teaching wasn’t so good so asked Mr Turner if I could come back. Thankfully, he was happy for me to return.

    I started Knole Academy as a small fish in a big pond, coming from a primary school of less than 100. The transition was nerve-racking but I soon made loads of friends and was too busy to think about how big the academy actually was. The school facilities were good back then, but after the re-build in 2014, it became fantastic. Who could fail to make progress with the facilities and the teachers that we have.  A note to my own parents here – thank you also for the support over my school life. Without you I couldn’t have done it so easily. Success wasn’t all down to them though – I had to work really hard too!

    You may have already seen our 10-metre-tall climbing wall, a gym filled with some of the best equipment money can buy and our engineering and construction rooms, which are packed with industry standard machinery and materials. When I am not in the study room or learning in classrooms I spend most of my time in those three places.

    I have been on four magnificent ski trips and have taken part in countless clubs in all subjects. I have played a big part in Knole interact (we have done some much needed charity work in the community). I have completed the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award, silver award and just recently the gold award. The gold award expedition in Snowdonia was simply breath-taking. I have been to France, theatres in London, art galleries galore and countless careers events with Mrs Grant. All of these opportunities are there for you too – just step out from the crowd and grab them!


    My name is Sophie Dunmall and I was thrilled to be elected as Head Girl at Knole Academy.  My A’ level choices were Biology, Psychology, French and Physical Education.  I am now in Year 13 and intend to go to university next year to begin my undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy; it has been my dream for such a long time. 

    Let me take you back to Year 7 – I can just about remember that far back.  I was nervous and shy.  I hoped I would fit in and find new friends.  I hoped that the teachers would be as kind as they were at my primary school.  I had nothing to worry about.  Knole is one big family and there is always a friend to turn to, always a teacher to inspire you to be the best you can be.  I did really well in my GCSEs and now I am at the last stage of my journey.

    My GCSEs are a bit of a blur now, but I do remember Mr Turner coming into a Year 11 assembly and suggesting that we should look at all the possible post 16 provision in West Kent so that we could make an informed decision about where to study.  Just like you are all doing now, I did look around but ultimately, for the second time in my life, Knole Academy was the best choice for me.  It has proved to be a wonderful decision.  I have worked like never before and was rewarded last term with a nomination for Head Girl.  The first part of the selection process was an interview with Mrs Boyle and Mr Turner.  It was terrifying, but I had prepared thoroughly so it went surprisingly well.  The second part of my interview was a formal presentation.  My theme was technology in society and how it has shaped the world we live in.  They seemed to like it and I was selected.  My parents are very proud.

    I have always been part of the fabric that is Knole Academy, and hopefully, very soon you will be too.  Right from Year 7, you have to work hard and try your best.  There is no denying it – there is a focus on attainment and progress, but the pastoral care is equally important to our teachers.  The facilities at Knole are fantastic – the music rooms, the dance studio and fitness suite, the DT workshops, food technology areas, the sports-hall, the ICT suites and the Oaks theatre that you are sitting in right now are first class and only some of the facilities that will make your school life extra special.   All of our facilities are second-to-none and really inspire you to learn.  The school is packed with modern technology which enables a greater depth of learning.  Some teachers are here right through your school life and, if I am honest, some come and go but always they seem to inspire you to achieve.  I cannot thank the Knole family enough.  They have helped me on my way…Knole will help your children on their way also.

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