Catch Up Funding


All state funded schools receive additional funding to support the literacy and numeracy of those Year 7 students who did not perform to expected levels in reading and/or mathematics at the end of key stage 2.

2018 - 2019

The projected amount of funding for the academic year 2018 - 19 is expected to be in the region of £15,000.

We plan to use this funding to support;

  • Small group interventions in both numeracy and literacy
  • A reading and spelling support programme
  • Timetabling in English and mathematics which is designed to provide extra capacity for intervention sessions 
2017 - 2018

Knole Academy received £15,643 catch up funding for the academic year September 2017- August 2018.  This catch up funding is targeted at students who arrived with a Level 3 or below in English and/or mathematics.  Below details the interventions within each sub-category.  Additional funding is accessed for some of these interventions.

Investment in Staffing

The Academy employs a specialist intervention teacher, partly funded through the catch up fund, to support numeracy.

In English literacy, support is provided by a specialist reading teacher who is fully funded by the catch up fund.

Mathematics intervention

Year 7 students requiring support are grouped into small discrete classes and are taught by the specialist in up to six week episodes.  Progress is measured at the end of these teaching episodes to assess the need for further intervention.

Students do not miss their core mathematics lessons as these interventions are spread across the students' timetables to minimise disruption to learning in all other subjects.

English intervention

Intervention exists on two levels; students arriving with a Level 3a and 3b receive literacy intervention and those at 3c and below receive both literacty and reading intervention.  Students who qualify for catch up funding are assessed on their reading age, and baseline data informs literacy needs.  Groups are organised on a rolling timetable for reading and literacy lessons which support the English timetable.

Specialised curriculum targeted at pupils working towards Level 4

The school timetable is set up such that students requiring literacy and numeracy support are generally in the same banded groups, thus facilitating a targeted curriculum for these groups supporting their transition to Level 4.

Impact of Spending 2016 - 17

The Academy no longer uses National Curriculum levels and has moved to a more personalised learning and assessment process.  Therefore progress is measured using step levels.  Please see Knole Academy Assessment Policy for further details.


19  students qualified for funding, of which 79% are now predicted to make three levels of progress or better.


25 students qualified for funding, of which 70% are now predicted to make three levels of progress or better.

Progress of these students is closely monitored and those requiring further intervention will be targeted accordingly as each data cycle is completed.

Details of Costings

Activities Amount
Literacy catch-up £11,450
Numeracy catch-up   £4,193
TOTAL £15,643


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