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Subject Leader Art and Design Miss T Sarton
Art and Design Teachers Miss Knight
Miss J Lane
Miss Chalk
Miss E Sullivan
Art and Design Technicians Mr P Foster
Miss C Taylor


At Knole Academy from the start of year 7, Art lessons are designed to teach students how to use a wide range of materials skilfully and confidently.  Our aim is that the skills established at Key Stage 3 will inform the work of students who take an art based option at GCSE, and then onto A Level. We intend to make Art exciting and interesting, showing students how it influences the world around us.

The Art Department is a safe and positive learning environment where our students develop their artistic skills and build their confidence. This enables students to express themselves creatively and explore many aspects of Art and Design.  Many students then go on to study Fine Art, Graphic Communication and Textile Design at GCSE.  

The Art Department at Knole Academy has a variety of specialist equipment, including a dark room furnished with range of photographic equipment, a laser cutter, a small kiln, heat press’ and sewing machines.
All our teachers are very experienced in a range of disciplines, including painting, drawing, illustration, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design, fashion and textiles. This allows for a diverse range of topics to be explored in lessons to give our students a well-rounded Art education.


Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 Art and Design at Knole Academy focuses on giving our students a clear understanding of the formal elements. During year 7 and year 8, students are encouraged to experiment with a wide range of materials through our diverse skills based projects.

We explore the work of different artists and designers, as well as a range of cultures. Students use sketchbooks as a way to document and develop ideas, and experiment with techniques and materials. This enables all students to build the skills they need to produce creative, personal outcomes.

Year 7:

Project 1 – Myths and Legends: Colour theory, pattern, mixed media, contextual studies.
Project 2 – Flora and Fauna: Observational drawing, painting, artist research and analysis.
Project 3 – Pop Art: Still life, contextual studies, illustration, painting, collage.

Year 8:

Project 1 – Around the world: Drawing, painting, colour theory, natural forms, pattern.
Project 2 – Landscapes/Cityscapes: Technical drawing, perspective, 3D model making.
Project 3 – Portraits: Observational drawing, painting, critical contextual studies.

Year 9:

We offer four art-based options in year 9;  Art, Graphics, Photography and Textiles. For all four disciplines, year 9 builds on the knowledge from previous projects, and hones our students' practical skills.

We run workshops, exploring a range of materials, techniques and processes to develop their confidence and proficiency in a variety of areas. The projects undertaken in year 9 also enhance their awareness of art and design in the world around them by delving deeper into contextual studies and exploring the relevance of Art and Design in society.

Art, Graphics, Photography and Textiles all run three projects across the academic year, each focusing a different aspect of the subject to give students a well-rounded view of it and prepare them for GCSE.

Key Stage 4

Exam board: AQA

GCSE Art and Design (Fine Art 8202/C and 8202/X)
GCSE Art and Design (Graphic Communication 8203/C and 8202/X)
GCSE Art and Design (Textile Design 8204/C and 8204/X)
GCSE Art and Design (Photography 8206/C and 8206/X)

How are the courses organised?

We offer three Art based options for Key Stage 4; Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Photography and Textile Design. In each of these options we develop students’ critical and contextual understanding and encourage them to explore the work of different artists and designers, and develop their own practice.

The GCSE is comprised of two components that are completed over the three years of the course.

Component 1: Portfolio

For this component students explore the different elements of art, recording observations and developing ideas in an imaginative way. They are expected to experiment with a wide variety of media, techniques and processes and use these to help refine their ideas and create a personal and meaningful outcome.

The portfolio must include both:

1. A sustained project.

2. A selection of further work.

Component 2: Externally Set Assignment

This component takes place during the spring term in year 11.

The exam board provides a separate externally set assignment for each title, each with seven different starting points. Students must select and respond to one starting point, then develop their work in the same way as the portfolio. The students will reference the work of other artists and demonstrate their ability to draw together different areas of knowledge, skills and understanding.

Their work must include evidence of drawing activity and written annotation.

After the preparatory period students take a 10 hour exam in which a final outcome for this component is produced.

How are the courses assessed?

The portfolio and the externally set assignment are both marked internally. Work is then moderated by an examiner from AQA. The weighting of each component is as follows:

60% - Portfolio

40% - Externally set assignment

Who are the courses for?

Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Photography and Textile Design are suitable for any student who enjoys being creative and who is willing to work hard.  Students who take these options at GCSE level learn to think in creative and experimental ways, and are encouraged to challenge themselves and to take risks within their work.

Key stage 5

KS5 Art & Design

Exam board:

Pearson Edexcel


BTEC National Extended Certificate in Art & Design:
Fine Art
Graphic Communication

We offer four Art based options for Key Stage 5; Fine Art, Graphic Communication Photography and Textiles. In each of these options we develop students’ critical and contextual understanding and encourage them to explore the work of different artists and designers and develop their own practice.

How are the courses organised?
Each course runs over two years and is comprised of externally and internally assessed units. There are no timed examinations and assessment is 100% coursework based.

Skills Building:
Year 12 starts with a series of workshops enabling students to explore media, techniques and processes that will support their practical work in both their internally set and externally set units.

Each year students will complete an internally set assignment and an externally set assignment.

  • Unit 1: Visual recording and communication (external)
  • Unit 2: Critical and contextual studies in Art and Design (external)
  • Unit 3: The creative process (internal)
  • Option Unit 4: Materials, techniques and processes (internal)

These courses explore students' imaginative and creative skills to develop meaningful, personal work. They also encourage exploration and analysis of other practitioners' work, so that students can develop their knowledge and understanding of the place of Art and Design in contemporary society.

All four art-based options provide an excellent foundation for students looking to study a creative subject in further education.

Please refer to the Post 16 Course Directory 2020-22 for KS5 information by clicking here.

Enrichment and extra-curricular activities.

Knole Academy Art Department provides a range of enrichment activities, including clubs, trips and workshops. We work closely with Young Arts which is part of the Arts Society and have run several projects with their support, including Royal Academy Life Drawing and Portraiture workshops. 

A-Level work is often shown at The Mall Gallery in London as part of the National Students Art Exhibition in the summer term.

Key Stage 3:

Creativity club for year 7 and 8 is a popular lunchtime activity, which encourages students to explore different media and use their imaginations to produce new and exciting work.

We also run clubs for Innovate and Arts Award.

V&A Innovate is an annual National Schools Challenge, asking students in years 7, 8 and 9 to work in teams of 4 – 6 to identify a design problem and create a real-world solution.
Arts Award encourages students to experience different elements of Art and collect evidence in an individual arts log of their experiences in the following areas:

  • Active participation in a range of arts activities, including a personal response about what they have learnt from taking part.
  • Experience of arts organisations, artists, and their work.
  • Creating a piece of artwork.
  • Identification of what they have enjoyed and/or achieved, and their communication of this to others.

Key Stage 4 and 5:

Students are given the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities. We use visits to galleries, museums, and run workshops with visiting artists and Knole Alumni to develop students' critical and contextual understanding.
All students are also encouraged to visit local galleries as part of their independent study.

Our classrooms are also used at lunchtimes by students from all year groups to continue developing their own practice.



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