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Global Politics
Mrs J Stevens


Politics affects everything that we do in life. Global Politics is an exciting, dynamic subject that draws on a variety of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. The study of global politics enables students to critically engage with different and new perspectives and approaches to politics to comprehend the challenges of the changing world and become aware of their role as active global citizens.

The course aims to give students the following:

  • A deep understanding of key political concepts and contemporary political issues.
  • A comprehensive understanding of local, national, international, and global dimensions on political activity.
  • Critical engagement with a variety of different perspectives and approaches to global politics.
  • An appreciation of the complex and interdependent nature of many political issues.

KS5 Course Details

KS5 Politics


Unit one:
Power, Sovereignty
& International Relations

Unit two:
Human Rights, justice, liberty
& equality

Unit three:
Development, globalisation,
inequality & sustainability

Unit four:
Peace, conflict, violence
& non-violence



All assessment takes place in Year 13

Paper 1 (1 hour 15 minutes): 20%. Stimulus-based paper based o a topic from one of four core units. Four compulsory short answer/structured questions (25 marks).

Paper 2 (2 hours and 45 minutes): 40%. Extended response based on the four core units. Students must write three essays from a choice of eight, each selected from a different core unit (75 marks).

Engagement activity: A written report (2,000 word maximum) on a political issue explored through engagement and research (20 marks).

Global Political Challenges: Two recorded oral presentations lasting ten minutes each (20 marks).

Lesson Structure

Five, 60-minute periods per week. In addition to this, students will have independent study periods to complete their own research.

Enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities

Year 12 and 13 as part of the Engagement Activity course work offers opportunities for students to get involved in a political issue of their choice.

A trip to the Imperial War Museum in London to support the unit on Peace and Conflict.

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