Science & Nature Club Seashore Safari Trip

Science & Nature Club Seashore Safari Trip
Article / Posted on 28 Jun

In June we ran our first ever Science and Nature Club trip to Dumpton Gap on the Thanet coastline. Students took part in a Seashore Safari activity to investigate Rock pool life and to see how different organisms were adapted to their unique habitat. Students classified sea creatures and plants according to their features and location. Year 7 pupils found an abundance of crustaceans including crabs, barnacles, limpets, whelks and periwinkles. The lucky few also located starfish, blenny fish and an extremely rare jelly fish, which will potentially make this area a protected marine environment!

They also took part in an I-Spy seashore walk to Broadstairs, finding dog fish, herring gulls and rare forms of seaweed. Not only was this trip educational and fun, it has also prepared the students for the Key stage 4 Ecosystem GCSE topic, which they will learn about in years 9 and 10. We will continue to run this kind of educational trip again in 2020 and are also looking into running a year 10 boat trip to the offshore Wind Farm, off the Kent coast to promote renewable energy.

Ms Nixon
Science Teacher


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