National Theatre Script Writing Workshop

National Theatre Script Writing Workshop
Article / Posted on 24 Nov

Play your cards Wright …


Every now and then there are moments in one’s education which are potentially life changing. One such opportunity has been offered to a group of our Year 12 English Language and Literature IB students with the visit of an associate playwright from the world-renowned National Theatre. Acclaimed writer, Andrew Muir, ran the first in a series of script writing workshops last week. He is working with an organisation called New Views which aims to specifically source the creative talents of young people, focussing on their experiences and perspectives of the world today, translating them into pieces of half hour long stage drama. Andrew commented after the initial workshop that he was hugely impressed by the enthusiasm, quality and insight of our students’ ideas. What makes the prospect so exciting is that not only will Knole students have the chance to work with Andrew, gaining his guidance and advice throughout the entire creative process but ultimately their submissions will be judged and potentially performed before an audience, by a cast of professional actors at the National Theatre in London.


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