Academy Profile

    At Knole Academy, we are dedicated to enabling students to achieve the highest standards of attainment through developing enquiring minds and promoting enjoyment of learning. We do this through a stimulating and tailored curriculum that is designed to challenge and support students of all abilities, from the most able grammar streams to those who need additional support with literacy.

    Challenge takes many forms, of course, and we give students careful guidance to ensure that their education provides diversity and appropriate pathways, not only at school but beyond into adult life. Personalised learning programmes enable students to learn at the right pace for them, with continuous assessment of progress and mentoring techniques employed to maximise attainment.

    With a focus on independent learning, students and staff co-operate in a quest for excellence in learning, teaching and resources. We encourage students to set high expectations for themselves, to have high aspirations; the academy supports this with a positive, ‘Go For It’ culture. Our young people discover the value of persistence and determination and display confidence and enthusiasm in their learning.

    Creativity across the curriculum is an important element of what we do. This is taught both in the expressive arts but also in traditional subjects and  this provides a framework of academic challenge and creative cross-curricular approaches to learning, which combine to develop critical and reflective thinkers.

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