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Gordon Phillips – Lead Sponsor

I have been providing care and rehabilitation services for vulnerable people for 24 years. The service I provide for adolescents has been of major importance to me, especially the school for children with low literacy and numeracy skills and the substantial achievements that these young people have made.

My belief is that all young people have potential and respond best in a safe, well ordered and disciplined environment. It is our responsibility to inspire and provide exceptional learning environments so that all young people can reach their maximum potential. This will give them the qualifications and personal skills that will help them to make the right choices for their future and to succeed in adult life.

Gordon Phillips

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Sevenoaks School – Co-Sponsor

Sevenoaks School has a long tradition of academic excellence, pastoral guidance, community involvement and Higher Education success. We can bring our expertise, our enthusiasm and our commitment to young people’s learning to support and benefit Knole Academy.  

At Sevenoaks School we offer a number of different languages (including Russian, Hindi and Mandarin), and our students enjoy a wide range of creative and performing arts opportunities. Our sporting and creative facilities are excellent, and we are keen that students and staff from the community and local schools benefit from these. We also offer co-curricular options in CCF, Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and voluntary service, and our staff are committed to inviting students and staff from Knole Academy to participate.   

Our forthcoming Science and Technology centre, and Global Study centre, will also be available for use by local schools and the community, and our Higher Education team are committed to supporting the Sixth Form students at Knole. 

Katy Ricks (Head), and Theresa Homewood (Senior Deputy) represent Sevenoaks School during the project.

We believe the ongoing relationship of Sevenoaks School and the Academy provides many ways for students and staff to work together, learning and developing skills and knowledge for the 21st century.

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Kent County Council – Co-Sponsor

Central to Kent County Council’s ambition is the desire to create the conditions in which pupils experience the best learning and teaching, and where pupils’ moral and intellectual development and confidence can flourish. We want every child in Kent to achieve well above expectations and not to be held back by their social background. We want every young person to benefit from a broad range of pathways to further learning and employment, for their own achievement and for the success of the Kent economy.

We are and will continue to support the Knole Academy and work in partnership to continue to drive forward improvements, so that we are able to transform educational outcomes for all children and young people, so that they have the very best start in life. We will do this by focusing relentlessly on improving standards and the quality of education and learning so that excellence is promoted across the system.

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