A Message from the Chair of Governors

We are very sad to announce the death of our Chair of Governors Anne-Marie Lenehan who had been chair since September 2012. Our condolences are with her sister Chris and her nieces Kate and Sophie.

Following the death of Anne-Marie, I am Interim Chair of Governors and am delighted to be involved with such a thriving, over-subscribed academy. On behalf of the governors and sponsors, welcome to the Knole Academy website.  Sponsors and governors take a strong interest in the academy and provide both challenge and support to our inspirational and highly experienced principal, Mary Boyle and her senior leadership team and staff.

In addition to our governing body and committee meetings, the governing body spends time in training on legal matters, safeguarding, innovations in education and our quest to further raise standards. We have an annual visioning day with our principal to analyse our strengths and weaknesses and to carve a way forward so that Knole Academy continues to offer the highest standards of education, care and guidance to the children and young people we are privileged to have in our care.

We agree with our principal that complacency is not an option; continuous improvement is what we strive for and to do this we need to challenge under achievement but also reward the many considerable successes we have at Knole Academy.

Our grammar stream classes are now well-established; we are realising our vision of an all ability academy. The grammar stream is extremely popular and our Sevenoaks School governors support activities for the most able to achieve the very high targets set for them.  However, we believe that every child, no matter their ability level deserves the very best care, guidance and education we can offer.  To this end, we regularly scrutinise tracking of data and have regular access to the attainment and achievement of our students and a variety of groups within our cohort of students, both within the taught curriculum and in extra - curricular areas.  We believe that the staff are highly skilled and experienced, caring and challenging where under achievement exists.

We are delighted that our new build facilities in The PLACE have given our students and staff so much more opportunity.  The new facilities offer both the academy and the community a significant opportunity to further enhance our learning environment.

Governors work very closely with the academy Principal, Mrs Boyle and support Academy events to celebrate the many achievements of the young people in our care.

Best wishes,

Mike Bolton, Interim Chair of Governors


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