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Thursday 13 August 2020

A copy of the Y13 parent letter containing further information about exam results can be found by clicking here.

Message from Mr. D. Collins

Dear students and parents

I am sure you will have seen the decision of the government to use teacher submitted grades to calculate the final grades for students. In light of the fact that over 80% of our A-level students saw at least one qualification downgraded this is excellent news. We have as yet had no timescales on when we shall receive amended grades for Sixth Form, so please be patient, we shall forward them as soon as we get them.
Arrangements for GCSE result collection are at present unchanged, we hope exam boards will be releasing grades before Thursday for collection.

I am delighted that students will now be receiving grades which are more commensurate with the work they have undertaken during their studies.

Best wishes

David Collins

Thursday 20 August 2020

A copy of the Y11 parent letter containing further information about exam results can be found by clicking here.

SUMMER 2021 GCE & GCSE Provisional Exam Timetable:
Week Commencing 10th May 2021 – 21 June 2021

Contingency Day 2021
Tuesday 29 June will be a ‘contingency day’ for all exam boards in the UK.

In line with Ofqual’s exam system contingency plan, this is an additional day at the end of the exam period. It will only be used in the event of major local or national disruption to summer 2021 exams, in which case it is possible that timetable dates could be affected up to and including the contingency day.

Covid-19 Exam Update - Friday 20 March

Please click here to read the letter from the Government regarding the process for examinations.

There are no definitive plans in place at present but the latest correspondence from the Government with an FAQ section can be found on this link:-


Spring Mock Exams 2020

February & March 2020 Spring Mock Exams have taken place

Exam Contingency Day - Wednesday 24 June 2020

Exam Contingency Day Information can be found here

Summer 2019 GCE & GCSE Results

Key Stage 4 Summary of Results 2019Key Stage 5 Summary of Results 2019

Useful References

Anxiety Booklet 2019

Fuel your brain with healthy eating tips!

Access to Scripts Candidate Consent Form (for access to and use of examination scripts)

download a copy of the above form

Clerical re-check, reviews of marking and Appeals Candidate Consent Form

download a copy of the above form

GCSE, GCE Post-Results Services Booklet

download a copy of the above booklet

KS3 Revision Strategies Guide

view the revision guide

In an article in the education section of The Guardian Newspaper, new research shows that mobile phone bans improve school exam results. To read more, view the article here.



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