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Exam Information Update - Wednesday 13 January 2021

All parents have been sent a letter from Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education, to Ofqual. This letter provides some guidance on what to expect regarding the awarding of grades this summer.

Gavin Williamson Letter to Ofqual - Wednesday 13 January 2021

We will continue to share information as soon as we receive it.


David Collins

Message from Mr. D. Collins - thursday 14 january 2021

Dear Students and Parents,

As you can see from the letter posted above from Gavin Williamson at present the exact format of assessment is yet to be defined by the Government.  We shall continue to update students and parents when there is greater clarity in how grades will be formulated. 

In the meantime we encourage all students to engage in their remote learning and prepare for their examinations. I can assure you that Knole Academy will work to endeavour that all students will be rewarded with outcomes that are reflective of their potential.

Best wishes,
David Collins

SUMMER 2021 Examinations

The Government have announced that the Summer examinations for GCSE & A Level have been cancelled. We are yet to receive notification regarding IB and vocational courses.

The exact form that assessment will take is yet to be announced, however it could involve externally set tests. We encourage students to engage with their remote learning and to prepare as if these exams were still scheduled.

January 2021 Examination Season - Years 10, 11 & Post 16

Please read the exam timetable below along with important information for candidates sitting exams along with unauthorised items.

January 2021 Examination Timetable - Years 10, 11 & Post 16

Warning to Candidates

Unauthorised Exam Items

Year 11 and Year 13 Mock Examinations 2021

It is our intention to hold mock examinations when students return to school. We shall give all students a period of time back in lessons to prepare for these mock examinations before they take place.  The mock examinations will only assess work that has been covered by teachers.  We feel that the mock examinations provide a benchmark when teachers have to submit centre assessed grades, however please be assured that this will not be the only evidence that is taken into consideration as we recognise that some students may perform below expectation especially as a result of the disruption to education.

The timetable below is only indicative of the subjects that will be examined, the schedule is obviously subject to change as a result of the national lockdown.

Year 11 & Year 13 Spring Mock Exam Timetable Monday 22 February - Friday 12 March 2021

Summer 2019 GCE & GCSE Results

Key Stage 4 Summary of Results 2019Key Stage 5 Summary of Results 2019

Useful References

Anxiety Booklet 2019

Fuel your brain with healthy eating tips!

Access to Scripts Candidate Consent Form (for access to and use of examination scripts)

download a copy of the above form

Clerical re-check, reviews of marking and Appeals Candidate Consent Form

download a copy of the above form

GCSE, GCE Post-Results Services Booklet

download a copy of the above booklet

In an article in the education section of The Guardian Newspaper, new research shows that mobile phone bans improve school exam results. To read more, view the article here.



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