Teaching & Learning

We regard all students as intelligent individuals and look to foster knowledgeable, enquiring minds. We believe all students can exceed their expectations, no matter what their prior attainment and experience. From Key stage 3 through to the end of Key Stage 5 our pursuit is to develop students who are curious, resourceful, imaginative, thoughtful and independent. We unapologetically set high standards and set our students on a learning journey which will lead to self-determination and self-discovery. With good teaching, students will acquire knowledge and with guidance will learn how to think about, apply and evaluate their knowledge.

Our teaching staff are continually engaged in improving their own knowledge, fully aware that the world is a rapidly changing place where students are required to adapt at every corner. We embrace educational research and look to deliver a range of teaching and learning strategies that encourage, stimulate and develop each and every student. Teaching and Learning PolicyTeaching & Learning Handbook September 2022

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