Student Equipment


  • Full school uniform with black leather shoes or Black Nike Air Force 1 trainers (or Air Force One style) with the chrome tag removed are the only trainers permitted.  Please refer to the dress code by clicking here.
  • Drawstring bag containing PE kit.
  • Strong school bag to allow you to participate fully in your lessons - to be left in the locker during the school day.
  • Clear pencil case large enough to hold:
    pencil sharpener
    blue or black pen (with spare cartridges 
    1 HB & 1 2B pencil
    30cm ruler
    scissors (round ended)
    solid glue stick
    colouring pencils
    pair of compasses
  • Casio FX 83GTX (battery powered) or Casio FX85GTX (solar powered)
  • Reading book
  • Small school English dictionary
  • USB memory stick
  • Dining room fob for the cashless system
  • Padlock for locker - available from the school
  • Grippy socks for Dance lessons  (new addition for hygiene reasons related to COVID-19)


Communication has been sent via EduLink to parents from Mr Collins on COVID-19 measures for students returning to school on Thursday 11 March 2021.

  • Face masks - Following the Government guidelines students are expected to wear their masks in classrooms and when walking around the school site. Masks continue to be mandatory on public transport unless they have medical dispensation. Parents need to resend any exemption requests regarding students wearing masks to our Pastoral Manager We shall be issuing different badges to reflect the change in legislation and old badges will be void.
  • Mobile phones - Change in usage allowance. As teachers will be restricted in the use of shared resources such as dictionaries, calculators and laptop use will need to be strictly controlled with cleaning, therefore we are allowing the use of mobile phones in lessons by the teacher's discretion to fulfil these functions. Therefore students may carry phones around the school site but they should be hidden and turned off. On the school premises they MUST NOT BE VISIBLE AT ANY TIME, this includes outside areas. Phones should only be seen when directed by the teacher for learning purposes. Pupils will be given access to the school WiFi system. Any students not abiding by these rules will have their mobile phones confiscated.
  • Grippy socks - For dance lessons/clubs (for hygiene reasons)
  • Design Technology- Due to COVID-19 guidelines, we are unable to provide PPE for lessons. To protect your uniform, it would be advised that you bring one of the following: your own apron, a dust coat, an old oversize shirt and some form of eye protection. The DT department can provide both items for a small fee of £5

Please ensure that all equipment and clothing is marked with your name.

Items not allowed in school include MP3 players, jewellery (other than that specified on the uniform list), chewing gum, aerosols and glass bottles.  Illegal substances including tobacco are not allowed in school.

Mobile Phones - Please refer to COVID-19 Measures above regarding student usage allowance

Students are permitted to bring their mobile phones to school, however there are strict rules around this.  Students should keep their mobile phones switched off in their locker during the school day.   Our insurance does not cover the personal property of students and therefore students need to ensure that they look after all their possessions and take responsibility for keeping them safe.

1.     Students are not permitted to use their phone / SMART devices during the school day and they MUST NOT carry mobile phones in their blazer pockets during academy hours.  If a member of staff sees a mobile phone, the phone will be confiscated and will not be returned until a parent comes to collect it from Monday to Friday in term time between the hours of 8am and 4pm.   

2.     Examination boards have strict rules regarding mobile phones; mobile phones, and other electronic devices, such as tablets and smart watches, are not allowed in exam rooms.  Any student who takes such a device into a public exam is likely to be disqualified from all of their public exams.

If a parent or guardian needs to contact their child during the academy day, they should continue to telephone reception and the academy will pass on the message.

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