Parents Guide to Getting Ahead in the Summer Holiday

It’s the holidays, and we have a great parent/carers guide to share with you. It has been an unsettling year so far and students have experienced yet more disruption to their studies. As a parent, it’s hard not to worry that the lack of face-to-face schooling, this guidance and advice will give them a focus on using the summer to boost their experience to help prepare themselves for the autumn term and future applications they will want to make.

The Parents’ Guide to Getting Ahead in the Summer Holidays
Suitable for parents of teens aged 14-19
Includes information on:

  1. Making the most of the summer holidays
  2. Boosting knowledge
  3. Researching apprenticeships
  4. Researching university courses
  5. Writing a personal statement
  6. Preparing to leave home
  7. Protecting mental wellbeing

Parents guide to getting ahead in the summer holidays 2021

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