Governing Body Information

Lead Sponsor and Chair of Governors

The Lead Sponsor, Mr Gordon Phillips and Chair of Governors, Miss Theresa Homewood, can be contacted at the school through the Clerk to Governors.

Governing Body Structure

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Governors' Attendance at Committee Level and Full Governing Body

Meeting Name No. of attendances

Full Governing Body Meetings

Mr G Phillips 3
                        " Mrs M Boyle 4
                        " Dr K Ricks 4
                        " Mr N Chard 1
                        " Miss A-M Lenehan 2
                        " Mr M Bolton 4
                        " Mr M Fisher 3
                        " Miss  T Homewood (Chair of Governors) 4
                        " Mr R Sackville-West 4
                        " Mr M Spence 3
                        " Mrs A Williams 2
                        " Mrs C Bushell 2
                        " Mr R Wedderburn-Day 4
                        " Ms J Wildman 4
Finance & Premises Committee Mr R Sackville-West (Committee Chair) 2
                        " Mrs M Boyle 2
                        " Miss T Homewood 1
                        " Miss A-M Lenehan 1
                        " Mr N Chard 2
                        " Mrs C Bushell 1
                        " Mr R Wedderburn-Day 2
Education Committee Mr M Bolton (Committee Chair) 3
                        " Mrs M Boyle 3
                        " Miss A-M Lenehan 1
                        " Dr K Ricks 1
                        " Miss T Homewood 3
                        " Mr M Fisher 3
                        " Ms J Wildman 3
Staffing Committee Miss A-M Lenehan 1
                        " Mrs M Boyle 3
                        " Mrs C Bushell (Committee Chair) 2
                        " Mrs A Williams 1
                        " Miss T Homewood 2
                        " Mr M Spence 2

Governors' Declaration of Interests

Name Governor Date of Appointment Nil Name of Business/
Education Institution/Charity
Nature of
Nature of
Mr G Phillips Lead Sponsor September 2010   Bramley Health Health Owner
Mrs M Boyle (retired as of 31.12.18) Principal September 2010   Knole Academy   Principal
Dr K Ricks Co-Sponsor - Sevenoaks School September 2010   Sevenoaks School Local school Head Teacher
Mr N Chard Co-Sponsor - Kent County Council September 2010 X      
Miss A-M Lenehan (RIP) Chair until 01.02.18 September 2010 X      
Mr M Bolton (resigned as of 31.01.19) Vice Chairman September 2010 X      
Miss T Homewood Co-Sponsor's representative - Chair September 2012   Sevenoaks School Local school Senior Deputy Head Teacher
Mr R Sackville-West Co-opted Governor September 2010 X      
Mr M Fisher Co-opted Governor September 2017 X      
Mrs A Williams Co-opted Governor December 2011 X      
Mrs C Bushell (resigned as of 01.10.18) Co-opted Governor December 2011 X      
Mr R Wedderburn-Day Co-opted Governor September 2014 X      
Mr M Spence Co-opted Governor October 2017 X      
Ms J Wildman Parent Governor September 2014   Sevenoaks Primary School Local school Governor
Mr D Collins Headteacher 1 January 2019   Knole Academy   Headteacher
Mrs J Mountford (resigned as of 31.12.18) Vice Principal September 2010   Knole Academy   Vice Principal
Mr K Burton Finance Director September 2015   Knole Academy   Finance Director


Signed and dated copies of the Declaration of Interest forms are held on site.

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