Extra-Curricular Clubs

At Knole Academy we put a great deal of emphasis on extra-curricular activities as they give students a broader perspective on life, higher self-esteem and develops essential life skills such as teamwork, problem solving and leadership. We encourage students to join at least one club and offer a wide range of activities. We offer a diverse selection of sports clubs from rock climbing to golf. We have an annual school production and dance show as well as a variety of music clubs and events.

Our Combined Cadet Force is very popular with Key Stage 4 students, whilst allowing them to develop a wide range of new skills it also encourages self-discipline and leadership.

All students have the opportunity to enrol in The Duke of Edinburgh scheme. We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold with qualified staff running successful expeditions at all levels.

Art Clubs


Chess Club

Open to all!

Thursday lunch time - 1:30pm in B1 located in The Place.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Club

Starting Thursday 12 September with Mrs Ham & Miss O'Donnell.

1:30pm in E11.

Dance Clubs

Gardening Club

Gardening Club

Friday lunch time - 1:15pm in S6

ICT/Computer Science Clubs

Music Clubs

Music Clubs

Orchestra - Wednesday at 1.30pm in P1
Knole Academy Choir - Wednesday at 3.05pm in the Recital Room
Chamber Choir - Thursday at 1.30pm in P2
GCSE Music Revision Club - Friday at 1.30pm in P2

Check the music noticeboard for your lesson times!

PE Clubs

Psychology Clinic - Year 11

Year 11 Psychology Clinic will be starting Wednesday lunchtime.  You are to have your lunch and be ready to start at 1:30pm! - Mrs Long




Asch’s Study (AO1 & AO3):

Types of Social Influence, Types of Conformity, Research Methods – experimental design, variables, ethics

Social & Dispositional Factors affecting Conformity:

Group Size, Anonymity, Task Difficulty

Personality, Expertise


Obedience: Milgram’s Study (AO1 & AO3)

Agency Theory: Legitimate Authority, Culture, Proximity & Research Methods – ethics


Adorno’s Theory (Dispositional Factors): AO1, AO2 & AO3

Authoritarian Personality, Cognitive Style, Childhood & Scapegoating


Prosocial Behaviour:  Piliavin’s Subway Study (AO1 & AO3 & Research Methods)

Social Factors: Presence of Others, Cost of Helping

Dispositional Factors:  Similarity to Victim & Expertise


Deindividuation: Crowd/Collective Behaviour

Zimbardo’s Study (AO1, AO2 & AO3)

Reicher’s Black and White Café Study (AO1, AO2, AO3 & Research Methods)


Social & Dispositional Factors affecting Crowd/Collective Behaviour:

Social: Social Loafing & Culture

Dispositional: Personality & Morality


Year 7 Club List September 2019

Year 11 GCSE Revision/Booster Timetable Term 1 - September 2019

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