Extra-Curricular Clubs

At Knole Academy we put a great deal of emphasis on extra-curricular activities as they give students a broader perspective on life, higher self-esteem and develops essential life skills such as teamwork, problem solving and leadership. We encourage students to join at least one club and offer a wide range of activities. We offer a diverse selection of sports clubs from rock climbing to golf. We have an annual school production and dance show as well as a variety of music clubs and events.

Our Combined Cadet Force is very popular with Key Stage 4 students, whilst allowing them to develop a wide range of new skills it also encourages self-discipline and leadership. Please click here  for further Year 10 enrolment information. All students have the opportunity to enrol in The Duke of Edinburgh scheme. We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold with qualified staff running successful expeditions at all levels.

Art Clubs

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Business Studies Club - Year 11

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CCF (Combined Cadet Force)

The Knole Academy Combined Cadet Force has built on the initial success of its first standalone year and is now 30 strong. With students from year 10 to year 13 the contingent is an interesting mix of ages and abilities with all students working together to improve their skills and confidence. 

The Cadet training team from Longmoor continued to help the Knole staff to run sessions every Thursday with activities including Archery, first aid, camouflage, section attacks, air rifle target practice, orienteering, obstacle course and problem solving.

Cadets from year 11 took part in a range weekend where they fired live rounds at targets over a variety of distances and terrains before being given survival training and learning new skills for living off the grid.

Please click here for further Year 10 enrolment information for 2021.

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Chess Club

Miss McArthur is running a Year 7 & 8 Chess Club: Thursdays 1.30pm – 2pm: E3

Create & Construct Club Year 7

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Creative Writing

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Dance Clubs

Dance clubs term 1 2021

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Debate Club

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We are delighted to offer our students the opportunity to enrol in the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Please complete the consent forms for expressions of interest.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh - Year 9 participation

Bronze Practice 2 days - 21 & 22 May 2022 Training weekend, Saturday Training, Sunday practice walk, School/Bewl Water/Cedar Gables 21-22/05/22

Bronze Assessed 2 days- Ashdown Forest - 18-19/06/22

Bronze Assessed 2 days - Ashdown Forest-18-19/06/22

Silver Duke of Edinburgh - Year 10 Participation

Expeditions in Dartmoor
Silver Practice 4 days - Dartmoor Brimpts Farm - 13-16/05/22
Silver Assessed 5 days- Dartmoor Brimpts Farm - 17-21/07/22

Gold Duke of Edinburgh- Year 11, 12 & 13 Participation

Expeditions 2022 
Gold Practice 6 days - Lakes/Snowdonia/Peaks/Brecon - 22-26/03/22
Gold assessed 6 days- Lakes/Snowdonia/Peaks - 16-21/06/22

Training for the Bronze and Silver awards are once a week with most activities taken outside school hours. If you would like to take part please look out for the student notices or speak to your Head of House who will happily give you further information.

Please complete the relative DofE Consent forms to confirm your child's place on the prestigious scheme!

For an outline of costs please email Mr Ereaut, The Duke of Edinburgh Co-Ordinator - sereaut@knoleacademy.org


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 Views at lunch please make large      Tents up

Drama Clubs

LAMDA drama exam club: Would you like to work towards taking official drama exams and develop your drama skills and confidence? You can choose to work solo, in a duo or in a group of up to four to prepare scripted or devised drama scenes. Come and speak with Mrs Hollidge in the auditorium to find out more.

LAMDA lunchtime sessions: 13:30-14:00 in the auditorium       
 Mon – Yr 7
Tues – Yr 8 / 10
Thurs – Yr 8
Fri – Yr 7

GCSE DRAMA:        
Friday – 13:30-14:00 in the auditorium.
Rehearsal time for devised and scripted coursework

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Gardening Club

Gardening Club for Year 7's will be on Thursday lunchtime at 1.25, meeting in S6 

ICT/Computer Science Clubs

Ict clubs 2022

Magazine Club - Year 7

Mrs Peers-Noakes is running a Magazine club for Year 7 students only:

Year 7 Magazine Club - Thursdays at 1:30pm in E5

Music Clubs

INSTRUMENTAL/VOCAL- People who want to start learning an instrument, please come to see Miss Sanders for a letter.

Music clubs term 1 2021


                                                 Ukulele poster
Check the music noticeboard for your lesson times!

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PE Clubs

Pe clubs 2022

In order for your child to take part in the after school clubs, you will need to complete the relative PE consent form for each activity featured on this page.

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 Instagram Account:

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Psychology Clinic - Year 11

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Science Clubs - Years 7 & 8

Yr 7 & 8 Science Club- Monday at 1.30 in S2. 

Fun and exciting hands-on experiments! Newcomers welcome and you may bring your lunch. 

Year 7 Club List  2021

Year 7 & Year 8 Chess Club- Miss McArthur is running Chess Club on Thursday in E3 from 1.30-2pm

Debate Club- With Mrs Stevens in H8 on Monday at 1.30

LAMDA- Year 7's at 1.30-2pm in the Auditorium on Monday and Friday. 

Gardening Club- Thursday lunchtimes at 1.25. Meet in S6. 

Monday in N3 with Miss Shea- All years ICT Club at 1.30
Wednesday in N2 with Mr Challenor- Yr 7 & 8 Coding Club at 1.30
Thursday in N3 with Miss Shea- All years ICT Club at 1.30

Magazine Club- With Mrs Peers-Noakes in E5 on Thursday at 1.30

Yr 7 & 8 Science Club- Monday at 1.30 in S2.

Music Clubs- Year 7 Music group (Ukulele/Keyboards)- 1.30 in P1 on Tuesday

PE Clubs- 
Yr 7 Football- every lunchtime on the MUGA
Yr 7 & 8 Netball on the MUGA after school  

Ukulele poster

Hamster club


Year 11 Food Club

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Current Club Timetable -

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