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Posted on 22 Oct


What an amazing Harvest festival this has been! The Harvest boxes have been absolutely amazing. The most creative ever… a special mention must go to Year 10 who have amassed the most special commendations. All the produce is very welcome by Loaves and Fishes food bank in Sevenoaks, our chosen charity.

Many thanks to the Reverend Angela Rigby from St John’s United Reform Church and Pastor Glenn Walsh from the Vine Evangelical Church. Their Harvest messages were very powerful and most appreciated by the students who gave them both a well-deserved round of applause.

I also want to thank all the Tutors for encouraging their form to be creative and contribute produce. All this of course would not be possible without the help of the Caretakers who will be delivering this food to the Food bank.

Now…drum roll….

YEAR 7! The winning box for most creative is 7DG for their gorgeous cow. The most produce winner is 7JS for their bulging harvest bag! There are special commendations for Mr Lound’s Form 7AL who are obviously so in awe of their Tutor that they made the box to resemble his image…beard and all! Another special commendation goes to 7DH for the Silver solar panel box, 7VH for the dragon and 7CG for the pig.

YEAR 8! The winning box for most creative is 8AO for their amazing skull. The most produce winner is 8LC..a cat with a good appetite! A special commendation goes to 8JA for a very cheerful tractor and 8LM a generous food shack.

YEAR 9! The winning box for most creative is 9HP for a finely crafted toad stool. The most produce is 9TW “Blessed to be a blessing” a box with not so much on the outside but a great deal on the inside. What a powerful message for Harvest time. We also have a special recommendation for 9NH a friendly, wavy green Frankenstein monster full of food. 9JD also have a special commendation for the Tic Tac box. This was felt to have a true artistic quality not far removed from the work of Andy Warhol… praise indeed! 9EM also got a commendation for “sheep at Harvest time”.

YEAR 10! The winning box for most creative is 10KN for the snake charmer…wow! Absolutely breath-taking! The most produce goes to 10IS for a very striking and thought provoking tank shooting an array of poppies. There are lots of special commendations in that year. 10RL a lit up Noah’s Ark, 10SD a forward thinking silver robot, 10ZM trick or treat box, 10OO a generous vending machine who gives without taking! 10CR a very chic box decorated with real heather and 10PK for the hungry caterpillar. This was probably the most impressive Year of all.

YEAR 11! The winning box for most creative is 11JB a scarecrow with a green hat filled with food. The most produce is 11AC Father robin. There are special commendations to 11BK for a very beautiful basket with a red tissue bow and 11DL for their colourful market stall. 11CBs plastic box full of food also gets a commendation for the generosity of his form.

Now for the best 2018 most creative and most full box!

Most creative box 2018 goes to 10KN for the supernatural snake charmer covered in lights. A skeleton wearing a red turban charming a green cobra with ruby eyes is always a sight to behold!

Most produce box 2018 goes to 10IS…within the powerful imagery of a tank shooting poppies lies an abundance of life giving produce. A very clever and generous box.

Now for the points.

Overall winners score 300 points / best in form for creative and produce score 100 points / special commendations score 50 points

Year 7: Water= 100 points Fire= 100points Air= 100 points Earth= 100 points

Year 8: Water= 50 points Fire= 150 points Air= 100 points Earth= 0 points

Year 9: Water= 100 points Fire= 150 points Air= 50 points Earth= 50 points

Year 10: Water: 100 points Fire= 50 points Air= 150 points Earth= 200 points

Year 11: Water: 0 points Fire= 100 points Air= 150 points Earth= 50 points

10KN= AIR= 300 points and 10IS= EARTH= 300 points.

The winning house is AIR with 850 house points. Very well done!

Earth comes next with 700 house points.
Fire with 550 house points and Water with 350 house points.

Thank you all for your amazing support.


Miss Hughes
PSHE/SMSC/RS co-ordinator


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