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Child Development

Course title: Cambridge Nationals Child Development Level 1/2 Certificate (J818)
Examination board: OCR

OCR has designed a new certificate in Child Development which has been designed to fit into the curriculum and form a key part of students' Progress 8 and Attainment 8 approved subjects. 

This course has been specifically designed for students across the ability range so that they are given the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities.  Child Development is a three year course and covers the developmental needs of young children from conception to five years.

The work covers every aspect of the development of the child, physical, intellectual, emotional and social within the framework of the family and the community.  It allows a student to gain an informed understanding of adult responsibilities and roles towards children.

It consists of 3 units: one examined and two internally assessed and externally moderated, comprising of 50% for the exam and 25% for the other two units.

Course Outline

Year 9

Autumn term: Reproduction and Roles and Responsibilities of Parenthood

Spring term:  Antenatal Care and Preparation for Birth/Childhood Illnesses

Summer term:  Post-Natal Checks, Provision & Conditions for Development/Child Safety

Year 10

Autumn term:  Equipment for Babies/Children

Spring term:  Feeding Solutions/Revision

Summer term:  Revision/Nutritional Guidelines & Requirements

Year 11

Autumn term:  PIES/Play

Spring term:  Child Study

Summer term:  Child Study


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