Post 16 Exam results

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic no formal examinations took place in the Summer of 2021. Instead students were awarded Centre Assessed Grades, which took into account the hard work students had put in and used professional judgement to predict the results they would have achieved if they had sat the examinations. Knole students had proven before lock down that they were working hard and deserved the excellent results that they were justly awarded in August.

However, as a result of the pandemic the government will not be publishing league tables for school performance for 2021 and so, in light of this, Knole Academy will also not be publishing any school based data for this year.

As a collective, our Year 13 student body simply bought into our ethos that there is no substitute for dedication and perseverance; students have ups and downs along the way but they have to be resilient - the sacrifice is worth it in the end. I am delighted for them as they can now accept their university places, degree apprenticeships or offers of employment.

Mr R Turner
Deputy Headteacher responsible for Post 16 Education


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