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Information for Exhibitors

This information has been put together to help artists who would like to exhibit their work in the Knole Academy Gallery. It explains the role of both the Knole Academy Art team and the Exhibitor and their respective responsibilities. It also seeks to provide some idea of the aims, objectives and ethos of the gallery. Should you be interested in exhibiting, please read through this information and then apply to the Knole Academy Art team using the application form attached. You should send, with your application, a few images of your work, preferably in the form of jpeg images (emailed or on a CD) or photographs. Please do not send original work. The selection panel will endeavour to consider your application within six weeks of receiving it.


The gallery exists to serve a number of stakeholders including:

    * Artists (professional, amateur, local, national and international)

    * Visitors and potential visitors to the gallery

    * Residents of West Kent

    * Students attending The Knole Academy and other local schools

    * Parents, governors and teachers from The Knole Academy

Gallery Aims

The Knole Academy Gallery aims to provide a high quality exhibition space offering audiences the chance to see the very best of local work and regional work. The gallery will show a minimum of six exhibitions each in any one academic year. The gallery also offers artists the opportunity to exhibit in a professionally managed space with the support of the Knole Academy Art team who can offer help with hanging.


The gallery is committed to the provision of a supportive education programme to increase appreciation and knowledge of the arts in West Kent. To that end the Knole Academy Art team will build and strengthen relationships between the local community and the gallery, offer opportunities for adult education and lifelong learning and support the development of artists and audiences.


The gallery is committed to providing access to exhibitions and arts activity to all members of the community and will actively seek to improve the physical and intellectual access to and presentation of exhibitions.



The school does not charge exhibitors for the use of the gallery, but please see information below regarding additional caretaking, commission and private views.

Selection Panel

The Knole Academy Art team are responsible for selecting work to be exhibited in the gallery. All work exhibited must be suitable for viewing in a school environment.



Gallery opening hours

The gallery is open during normal school opening hours.

Monday                 9.30am – 6.00pm

Tuesday                9.30am – 6.00pm

Wednesday          9.30am – 6.00pm

Thursday               9.30am – 6.00pm

Friday                     9.30am – 5.00pm


The gallery is often available outside normal opening times for the purpose of hanging or taking down and at weekends, if the exhibitor is willing to pay any additional caretaking costs. Please arrange and discuss with the Arts College Director.

Knole Academy retains the right to close the gallery for any reason – though this would only happen in exceptional circumstances.

Hanging Space

The gallery consists of a large triangular space with ample wall space and display boards and glass cabinets can be provided for flexible display areas, the space is well lit.

We strongly recommend that you visit the gallery and familiarise yourself with the space before making your application.

Presentation of work

Framing should be professionally done and preferably of a consistent style and design.  We are willing to discuss other forms of presentation so long as they meet the required standard. We ask that wall-hung work be hung from the picture rail around the gallery. Free standing display boards are also available and provide flexibility. The plasma screen in the gallery may be used for digital presentations or information about the work. We are willing to discuss your individual requirements on this matter, as on everything else pertaining to your exhibition. Exhibitors should arrive at the gallery with work ready for hanging.


Exhibition catalogue

Exhibitors are asked to provide some biographical details and possibly an ‘Artist’s Statement’ for display in the gallery during the exhibition.


Commission charges

A commission of 20% will be charged on all works sold. VAT is also charged on commission only at 20%.  The school reception staff will deal with all sales. An invoice for commissions plus VAT will be sent to exhibitors after the exhibition finishes.


Insurance Cover

The school will undertake to insure the exhibits whilst they are on the property. The following details should be sent to the Knole Academy Art team at least a week in advance of the exhibition:

    * Total number of exhibits

    * Total value of exhibits

    * Highest priced individual item

    * Type of art work (ie paintings, pottery, sculpture, mixed media)


Transport of Work

Transport of work to and from the gallery is the responsibility of the exhibitor. In exceptional cases it may be possible to arrange transport but this may incur a charge. Please discuss this with the Knole Academy Art team.


Private Views

If the exhibitor would like to hold a private view, that can be arranged. Costs incurred for such an event would need to be borne by the exhibitor. Private views are normally held in the evenings.

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