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The Relevance curriculum at Knole Academy encompasses all statutory teaching of PSHE and RSHE. It is within these lessons that our students’ understanding of their lives beyond the classroom will be developed.

We want our students to leave the academy ready with the knowledge and skills to allow them to be successful adults in the modern world – understanding how to live in the wider world, what it is to be healthy, and what different relationships they can find when they enter their lives beyond school.

The Relevance curriculum is taught via tutors in afternoon registration: key stage 3 has two sessions a week and key stage 4 and 5 have one session a week.


Key Stage 3

Our foundation curriculum at Knole Academy sets students up to be well-rounded individuals with a broader understanding of the world that they live in beyond what they already know. We are continuing to prepare the students for life in the modern world but are ensuring that the topics that we cover are most relevant to the ages of the students in this key stage. 

Topics could include transition to secondary school, first aid, teamwork, anti-bullying, puberty, healthy routines, friendships, relationships, boundaries, financial choices, careers (linked to options).

Key stage 4

Continuing with the themes taught in KS3, we ensure that the teaching is appropriate to the ages that we are teaching. These foundational years for teenagers will help to guide them through the difficulties that they could face.

Topics could include mental health, impact of gambling, the positives and negatives of relationships, self-management, influence of drugs and alcohol, impact of the media, sex education incl. STDs and pregnancy.  

Key Stage 5

In key stage 5, we continue the three themes that we have covered in KS3 and KS4 to ensure that there is continuity. What students should see with the curriculum here is that there is further relevance to the lives that they are now leading and to prepare them even more so for life in the modern world, including the next steps towards independence.

Topics could include lifestyle choices, careers including CVs and employability, relationships and sex including consent, unplanned pregnancy, safe sex, alcohol and drug education, living in a wider society, financial responsibility, health checks, digital impact, respectful relationships including consent.

Extra-Curricular and Enrichment

When appropriate the Relevance Curriculum team will bring in guest speakers to talk to our students about the topics that we cover in their curriculum time. This has included: road safety from the KCC, having safer sex with some of our district nurses, we have also had the police in to discuss personal safety including safety online and the consequences of actions.

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