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Subject Leader Design Technology Mr P Smith
Design Technology Teachers Mr M Roberts
Design Technology Technician Mr A Andrews


The Design and Technology Department at Knole Academy is a lively hub of activity. The purpose built workshops host an array of cutting edge CAD and CNC machinery such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers and lathes. Knole Academy Staff also instructs students in the use of a wide range of hand tools, developed over a carousel of projects from Year 7 to Year 10, students investigate resistant materials (wood, metal and plastic) as well as smart materials and electronic components. 

Key Stage 3

KS3 Design and Technology at Knole Academy offers a series of introductory courses on carousel bases in tandem with Art and Food Technology.

In Year 7, students will start their course with a short investigatory project in plastics were they will make a Dream Catcher. They will go onto design and make a clock in ‘the style of’ the Memphis Design movement. Students will complete a folder, homework and a clock which they can take home for a small cost.

In Year 8, students will studying and working with metals. For this project students will make a wind chime made from aluminium. They will learn how to anneal, drill, rivet and mark out. Students will complete a folder, homework and coursework which they can take home.


Key Stage 4

The Design and Technology qualification, Product Design GCSE, is an excellent start for students wishing to pursue careers in Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Electronics, Art and Design. Over the three-year course, Years 9, 10 and 11, students will develop and practice their drawing and making skills using hand tools and CAD CAM machinery. They will also become competent, if not expert, in range of Computer Aided Design programs such as Sketchup, Solid Works and 2D Design. Students will also be required to take part in and document, design analysis and constructive critism throughout the course.

The Product Design GCSE will lead directly into the soon to be introduced International Baccalaureate Career Paths program which incorporates Design Technology into the IBCP curriculum as a Diploma based module. IB learners will research, design and develop three dimensional solutions within the constraints of the IB Design module

GCSE Design Technology

The GCSE Design & Technology AQA (8552)

Aims of the course:

Design and technology is a practical subject area that requires the application of knowledge and understanding when developing ideas, planning, producing products and evaluating them.  The course is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in Product Design, Engineering, Electronics, Architecture (Construction) and Computer Aided Design.  It is a work-related qualification, reflecting the knowledge, skills and understanding required in the sector and is designed to focus on: 

Learners will also be given the opportunity to:

  • Use a wide range of workshop tools and processes including CAD CAM (use of Lasercutters, 3D Printers and CNC machinery)
  • Design and make a product based to an exam Specification and Brief.
  • Use and investigate materials such as Wood, Plastic, Metal, Electronic components and Smart Materials.
  • Use and gain proficiency in CAD programs such as Solid Works, 2D Design and Sketchup.
  • Build on prior knowledge and skills developed in years 7 and 8 such as Woodwork, Engineering and Product Design. 


  • Materials and Components
  • Designing and making practice 

Teaching Methods:

Learners will use computer aided design software to design products.  They will take part in practical workshops during the making process. Classroom activities will include individual and group work.  Research will be carried out and then discussed.  Note taking will be required to facilitate / review learning.  A supplement for course materials is required of those taking this subject, in the region of £30.00.


At the end of the course assessment will be an exam, set externally & marked externally.  A synoptic assignment that will be set externally, marked internally and externally moderated. 


On completion of this qualification, learners may progress to level 3 qualifications such as A-levels or Advanced Technical Certificates / Diplomas.  Alternatively, learners could progress onto an apprenticeship.  This qualification has been developed in collaboration with employers and sector experts.  


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