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Geography Department

Subject Leader Geography Ms N Croucher
Geography Teachers

Mrs S Barnes

Mr D Hooker

Mr J Perry

Mr Smethurst

Miss M Rapp

Geography teaches us to investigate the human and physical processes that shape our dynamic world, our aim is to stimulate awe and wonder about the world to inspire students within our lessons. We believe that studying Geography enables students to develop a range of skills which provide a strong basis for life long study.

In Geography students will become:

  • Independent learners who can communicate effectively and respect different countries and cultures
  • Successful learners, who are motivated to investigate, challenge and debate their opinions effectively with others.
  • Problem solvers who are enterprising and can problem solve suggesting appropriate routes for enquiry

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 pupils explore the world around them, including global interdependence and the incredible places that make up our planet and weather and climate.


Year 8 pupils begin by exploring the dynamic topic of tectonic hazards and then they move on to tourism where they examine the growth of this sector and the impact it has on the environment. Students finish the year studying the complex interactions between the environment and human processes in the environmental change unit.

In Year 9 pupils explore the more complex issues of development around the world and move on to studying ecosystems and coasts which prepares them for the transition into GCSE in year 10.

Key Stage 4

The AQA syllabus is followed for GCSE, students will explore the world from their classroom exploring case studies in the United Kingdom, higher income countries, newly emerging economies and lower income countries. Topics of study include climate change, poverty, deprivation, global shifts in economic power and the challenge of sustainable resource use. 

Key Stage 5

KS5 IB Geography

Please refer to the Post 16 Course Directory 2022-24 for KS5 information by clicking here.

Paper 1
Options paper - Urban Environments, Food and Health and Geophysical hazards

Paper 2
Unit 1 - Changing population Unit 2- Global climate- vulnerability and resilience Unit 3- Global resource consumption and security.

Paper 3
(Taught in year 13) Human development and diversity Power places and networks Global risks and resilience Internal Assessment Coursework based on urban fieldwork in London

Enrichment and Extra-Curricular

Students at GCSE complete two fieldwork days required for the AQA course, these are subject to change each academic year. The current year 11 students completed one day in Herne Bay investigating coastal management and the second day in Bluewater and Greenhithe comparing the impacts of urban development.

Students studying the IB will complete three fieldwork days which enable students to collect data for their IA's.

The geography department are currently researching residential trips to Iceland for October 2022. 

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