Social & Cultural Anthropology

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IB Social & Cultural Anthropology

Subject Leader Social & Cultural Anthropology Ms N Croucher
Social & Cultural Anthropology Teachers

Ms N Croucher
Ms C Foreman
Mr D Hooker

Anthropology is about “making sense of other people’s worlds, translating their experiences and explaining what they are up to, how their societies work and why they believe in whatever it is that they believe in” (Erksen 2006) Social and cultural anthropology is the study of different cultures and human societies, understanding what makes us different to different human beings across different societies.

The study of social and cultural anthropology enables students to develop an understanding of a range of contemporary issues in our society such as war and conflict, the environment, poverty, injustice, inequality and human and cultural rights. It enables students to examine how society is changing and what life is like to live in these different societies.

Key Stage 5

KS5 IB Social & Cultural Anthropology

Please refer to the Post 16 Course Directory 2022-24 for KS5 information by clicking here.

Course Outline

Part 1:
Engaging with anthropology
Language of anthropology
Practice of anthropology
Anthropological thinking.

Part 2:
Areas of inquiry studied across the course:
Communication and technology
The body

Part 3:
Internal Assessment
Engaging in anthropological practice
Students create their own research project


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